Welcome to the UK Abolish Money Organisation
When you have an economic system, you put a price on everything.

All economic systems are rationing systems based on discrimination and inequality by definition; intrinsically; you cannot have an economic system otherwise; it's logically impossible.

Soviet-style communism dictates production and allocation of resources according to the view of a tiny elite at the centre.  Free-market capitalism dictates production and allocation of resources on the basis of the individual's ability, something unwitting of the individual: fixed in genetics at conception; unalterable thereafter.

Economic systems hinder human progress, since there is always a limited amount of money in the pot for anything, including things of the common good: education (schools; colleges; universities); healthcare (doctors; nurses; care workers; drug development); transport (roads; railways; buses); you name it.

Economic systems are mutually exclusive to freedom and democracy: the larger your budget, the louder you can talk, and to the greater the number of people (access to media outlets, from billboard space to commercial TV airtime; in donating money to political parties and their campaigns; in lobbying for favours, including legislation favourable to you).  Voting slips are the money in your pocket; not the kind you get handed at the polling station.

Economic systems produce crime.

Economic systems motivate and reward corruption: brown envelopes stuffed with money, surreptitiously passed under tables.

Economic systems maim and kill, inviting war and starvation poverty.

Isn't it time we all grew up?

Welcome to the UK Abolish Money Organisation.