Note: the new e. mail addresses for this site are as follows:

for technical queries/comments/suggestions/problems:;
for non-technical queries/comments/suggestions:;
for membership-related:

Please do not use the old e. mail address, ''.  This is to be relinquished.


The UK Abolish Money Organisation has a new official logo.  It is shown on every page, positioned like the one on this page. Hope you like it!


You can send the organisation an e. mail (using the e. mail image on the left) to be considered for membership of this organisation.  You need to include the phrase, 'The owner of this e. mail address, [insert it here], wishes to become a member of the UK Abolish Money Organisation.  This person, who owns this e. mail address, is me and I send it to the organisation.'

*  Large logo image technically patched due to it's previous corruption
*  Added two links on the 'resources/links' page pointing to two relevant English Wikipedia (on-line encyclopaedia) web site entry pages.
*  E. mail problem identified but affecting our client side operations only; keep e. mailing.

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