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Q: How many of the world's problems — see the Google News feed directly below — are rooted in having economic systems?  And, of those that aren't, for how many of those do economic systems play a negative role in the finding of their solutions?

A: Almost all human problems in the world are the result of having economic systems (poverty, perhaps, the most obvious example).  This must be the case, because economic systems put a price tag on everything.  And that includes, for those relative few problems that aren't rooted in economic systems, a price tag on the finding of their solutions.

This is the sister site of The UK Abolish Money Organisation's, www.abolishmoney.org.uk.

On the one hand, The UK Abolish Money Organisation's idea is a very 'clean and simple' one, lending itself to a minimalist approach to content and layout which makes its idea quickly accessible and clear, with no clutter and distractions which would likely give the impression that a lot of reading and browsing was required of the visitor; on the other, this precludes all the modern functions and facilities such as social networking buttons, Twitter feed, discussion forum, blogs, etc, as well as one or two devices that should really get people thinking and further get our organisation's message across -- hence this additional site. We hope you enjoy it.

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Only by spreading the word and encouraging critical thinking and debate can we hope to achieve a better world and, thus, future for ourselves and those who will go after us.

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